Recipe Ideas

herb crusted lamb rack

1 cup breadcrumbs,  1tbs. finely chopped leaf parsley,  2tbs. chopped mint,  2 tsp. grated lemon rind,  1 1/2 ounces butter,  2 shallots chopped finely

 4x4 french-trimmed lamb cutlet rack (750g).  250g.

baby vine-ripened tomatoes, cooking iol spray

1 preheat oven to 220c/425f.

2 combine bread crumbs, herbs and rind in small bowl.

3 melt butter in small frying pan; pour half the butter into breadcrumb mixture.

4 cook shallots in remaining butter, stirring. until soft; stir into breadcrumbs mixture.

5 place lamb and tomstoes in oiled baking dish; spray tomatoes with oil. press breadcrumbs mixture into lamb. roast, uncovered, about roated 15 minutes or until cooked as desired. serve lamb with roasted tomatoes. prep/cook time 30 min.  serves 4

source: Australian womens weekly


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